What must I have to enter the dispensary?


First time patients will need to complete a Patient Intake Form.


All Patients or Caregivers will need:

1. Medical Marijuana Card - printed copy or an electronic version.

2. State issued ID or Passport - same one you used to register for your card.

*The state does not print a physical card - it is an electronic card that can be accessed online.

Do I need to make an appointment?

No, walk-ins are welcome!!

What forms of payment do you accept?

We only accept cash payments at this time. However, we do have an ATM inside the dispensary for your convenience. 

Is Medical Marijuana covered by health insurance?

No, Medical Marijuana is not covered by health insurance. 

How much can I purchase at one time?

Patients may purchase as much Medical Marijuana as they would like - as long as it does not exceed their 90-day supply limits. 90-day supply limits can be found here - Ohio Administrative Rule 3796:8-2-04.

What forms of Medical Marijuana do you have?

We will carry all approved forms of medical marijuana. However, the law in Ohio prohibits use of medical marijuana by smoking or combustion, but does allows for vaporization (vaping).

How often can I come to Zen Leaf?

You are allowed to come to Zen Leaf as often as you would like - as long as you have not reached your 90-day supply limit.  A Patient Care Advisor can confirm how much of your current supply you have left or can inform you of when your next refill/allotment begins.

How does Medical Marijuana affect my current medications?

We will have a licensed Pharmacist on staff to answer those questions for you! We will also have a 24/7 hotline you may call if you have questions or start feeling adverse effects from your medicine. Hotline number: 234-260-3600


To report an adverse reaction to medical marijuana, or for any other questions about the Program, please contact the Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program Toll-Free Helpline at: 1-833-4OH-MMCP (1-833-464-6627).

Can I bring a friend or family member with me?

Yes, you are allowed to bring a guest with you as long as they are older than 18. However, your guest cannot enter the retail side of the dispensary with you, they must remain in the lobby/consultation room.

*If your guest is a registered caregiver or an active MMJ card holder they may enter the retail side of the dispensary - they must have their ID and MMJ card with them.

If I am a registered caregiver, do I need to bring the patient with me to purchase their medicine?

No, the patient does not have to be with you. You are allowed to purchase medical marijuana on the patients behalf as long as your caregiver card is active.

I have a medical card from another state. Can I purchase medical marijuana at Zen Leaf Canton?

Unfortunately not. At this time patients must be registered with the state of Ohio to purchase from an Ohio dispensary.

What if my doctor isn’t interested in recommending Medical Marijuana?

The Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program’s Physician Page has a list of all CTR Physicians in your area that may provide a recommendation. If you need to see a new physician you can find one here - https://med.ohio.gov/Publications/CTR-Search 


How much does it cost to get to my MMJ card?

Consultation fees vary depending on the Physician/Facility.However, there is an annual application fee of $50 to have your card registered with the state of Ohio. ($25 if the patient qualifies for veteran or indigent status.)

I believe I was given bad/wrong medicine, what do I do?

If you believe you were given bad or the wrong medicine please give us a call at 234-901-5902. As a dispensary we are required by Ohio Administrative rule 3796:6-3-12  to report all errors to the state Board of Pharmacy as well your recommending physician. If you would like to contact the Board of Pharmacy, you can contact them at 1-833-464-6627

*It is not necessary to return the product back to us - you may keep it or discard it.

If you have any other questions do not hesitate to call or email us at 234-901-5902 or ZenLeafCantonOH@gmail.com

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